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Published:October 14th, 2009 15:47 EST
Redream, Refocus, Detox, and Reposition Yourself

Redream, Refocus, Detox, and Reposition Yourself

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

A job is what you are paid to do. Releasing Your Brilliance is what you are made to do!

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon that occurs when things go awry with some men.  The moment they experience the loss of a job, their business declines, or the normal routine of life is disrupted, they retreat into a corner feeling their entire world has come to an end.  It`s puzzling to witness big, strong men pouting when they think they have no place to go, no dragons to slay, no mountains to conquer.  There is a feeling of loss of self, a sense of emasculation.

One day I had a harbinger of an idea to quit my nice job at the happiest place on earth " Walt Disney World Resort ®, cash in my 401k, take out a line of credit on the house to only hang my shingle out as a consultant and wait for the phone to ring. I quickly ascertained that once I left the confines of corporate America no one was going to return my call because when I left Disney there was nothing else that I could do for them.

This was a rude awakening because suddenly I didn`t matter. This is when the light bulb clicked on in my head and I discovered that what you do in the form of paycheck is not who you are. Who you are is more important than a title on a business card, a corner office with a window, or a premium parking spot. In fact, in a survey of 1,006 employees " when asked the question what makes your happy? " 27% said personal satisfaction in defining who I am. 24% said just having a job, 14% work/personal life balance, and 12% co-workers and clients.

It`s time to unlock your inner Rambo. That`s right. If you have suffered any type of loss, then decide to emerge from the waters of  this economic tsunami, tie a bandanna around your head, put a knife between your teeth reach into your quiver of unlimited possibility and make something happen.
Here are four arrows that you need to ready, aim and fire into your future:

  • Redream " A dream is a sneak preview of a coming attraction. What is your dream right now? Determine what you would do if failure was not an option. What is your dream? Who are the characters? What is the plot and setting? Dream Big because it`s a clue of the future that is waiting to emerge.
  • Refocus " Filter out all negativity by speaking about what you can do instead of what you can`t do. Refrain from rehearsing the past. Everyday take 15 minutes to get aligned from the insight out. Take 5 minutes to read something that inspires you; take 5 minutes to meditate about the day, another 5 minutes to stretch. How you start the day determines the day. 
  • Detox from your old place of business. In other words let it go. It`s hard to crave a new path if still are reminiscing about what could`ve, would`ve, or should`ve been. It`s gone. That chapter is closed. Make the next chapter more powerful.
  • Reposition your sprinkler system of thinking for maximum growth. I have noticed that I have brown patches on parts of my grass because the sprinkler system is not reaching certain areas where it can do what it does best. What waters the garden of your mind? Is it the news or a book, or a magazine? You have to decide what will work for you.

Shoot these arrows towards the future you want and watch what happens. Your inner Rambo has hibernated long enough, it`s ready to emerge.  When you do it, you will reignite yourself from the inside out.

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