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Published:July 2nd, 2010 21:16 EST
Afghanistan hand-off between Petraeus and McCrystal

Afghanistan hand-off between Petraeus and McCrystal

By Yonatan Frimer

Maze Cartoon of the Afghanistan hand-off between Petraeus and McCrystal.
maze cartoon of afghanistan sports analogy
Cartoon maze sports analogy of an NFL football handoff between Petraeus and McCrystal as generals for the war in Afghanistan. Created by Yonatan Frimer
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News on this cartoon`s topic

Gen McChrystal removed

WASHINGTON - US PRESIDENT Barack Obama yesterday removed his top US commander in Afghanistan following a public flap over the general`s controversial remarks to a magazine.

The unceremonious exit of General Stanley McChrystal injected greater uncertainty into the troubled war effort, taking place just as the United States was about to launch a major offensive in and around the key southern Afghan city of Kandahar, the stronghold of the Taleban.

Gen McChrystal, who derided the Obama administration and its handling of the war in Afghanistan in a lengthy profile in the Rolling Stone magazine, was summoned to the White House yesterday to explain his remarks.

After a 30-minute face-to-face meeting, Mr Obama said he accepted the resignation of the petulant general and relieved him of his command of US forces in Afghanistan. `It was a difficult decision, it saddens me to lose a soldier who I`ve come to respect and admire,` said Mr Obama, noting that the decision was not prompted by the `personal insult`.

`But war is bigger than any one man or woman. Difficult as this is, it is the right decision for our national security.`

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