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Published:July 23rd, 2010 15:39 EST
Will Says...Treading Water, Treadmill, Washington is Standing Still!

Will Says...Treading Water, Treadmill, Washington is Standing Still!

By Will Roberts

Now all I know is what I see on Twitter...
Right now Democrats and Republicans are tossing around the political football with this issue of firing the young lady from the USDA, Shirley Sherrod. Seems, not all cowboy tactics left Washington when President Bush galloped into the Texas sunset. No siree!

The Democrats did not even let the body get warm with Mrs. Sherrod... No, they just jumped on her like a mother FOX that started eating her young. Shot first! And did not bother to question the source.

Yeehaww!  I think our Washington boys are getting quite a workout with all this back and forth between parties... And with the new Tea Party movement, it`s become an all out race to get to November.

Be careful Democrats and Republicans, the Tea Party might just be hot on your heels as you all back peddle on the treadmill. One too many falls and the movement will swoop you up and brush you under the rug!

Your friend,



This tweet came from a real Twitter follower of mine: @GetFitSoFL please follow this person if you can.

However,  The views that I have in my cartoons/humor do not reflect my followers, they are my own.  The tweets I use are approved by the Twitter followers.  If you would like to be spotlighted in one of my Will Says... cartoons, find me on Twitter: @WillRogersUSA