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Published:July 27th, 2010 15:28 EST
Mr. Obama, Start Acting Like My Dad: YELL, SCREAM!

Mr. Obama, Start Acting Like My Dad: YELL, SCREAM!

By Will Roberts

Will Says All I know is what I read on Twitter  

@Mcgaula - Will, when I hear of WikiLeaks, I think of the small leaks that proceeded before the BP mishap! 

Yeah, Obama and BP are looking like birds that flock together- Tarred and feathered... weak structure, leaks everywhere, failing plans, and could possibly take more than our lifetime to fix the mess.

You`d think we all learned that history repeats itself by now. 

Boy our President is really in the hot seat with all this issues of APPARENT mismanagement of this country`s problems. If this was school and he was a student, he might just be attending a parent student conference sometime soon. But, it is not school Mr. President, it is the real thing. Now I have supported your plan which I call: "The here it comes Plan" However, Has it come? I am not sure if we are in the beginning, Middle or End, of this plan.

Point is sir, sometimes when you think you can handle something and you are feeling good about the way things are going, you keep you plan a secret, and then! SLAM DUNK! I get that.

Right now it`s kinda just looking like you are throwing air balls and we are hoping that you make your plan know to the rest of the team, you know team USA!  

I am still on your team. Because I am an American and when we elect a President, weather we voted for you or not, I believe we should do everything we can to stand behind him or her.  

Plus, I NEVER thought I would say this, but stand up and start acting like my dad YELL, SCREAM, even though he was wrong MOST of the time ;), at least I knew where he stood and he stood at the head of the household and you are head of this countries household.   

Mr.Obama! We don`t mind if history repeats itself as long as you back it up to at least prior to the last eight years!...

Fix this before it blows up in your Nov race!


Your friend,



This tweet came from a real Twitter follower of mine: @Mcgaula please follow this person if you can.

However, the views that I have in my cartoons/humor do not reflect my followers, they are my own.  The tweets I use are approved by the Twitter followers.  If you would like to be spotlighted in one of my Will Says... cartoons, find me on Twitter: @WillRogersUSA