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Published:January 11th, 2006 17:31 EST
POEM - Put me to Sleep, Mom.

POEM - Put me to Sleep, Mom.

By Noopur Shrivastav

Days are tough,
And dark nights leap on me,
I am growling in pain,
Please, put me to sleep.



Descend from the hazy path of heaven,
Flattering your fairy wings,
Touch your magic fingers to my eyes,
Show me a dream.



Cuddle me in your lap,
Caress my hair and cheek,
Let the infant and adult odor,
Mingle near your breast.



Let me suck that breast again,
Pump some peace in my vein,
My lids are dripping of pain,
Keep your hands there and,
Put me to rest.



Mom, You are far away in a distant world,
Yet, I feel peace near your heart,
Can hear the music of beat,
Let me suck power from your milk again.



Feed me the strength,
Feed me love,
Your baby is restless,
Put her to sleep, Mom.