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Published:June 10th, 2006 06:07 EST
The Princess Diary

The Princess Diary

By Rasha Lamba

Princess Diana was an unforgettable person; the princess that will remain in everyone’s heart’s and minds and be with us forever. She died as unfortunate death years ago in an accident as explained by the investigating team charged to the case.  Her death was accepted by the royals with no doubts, however, not by everyone and it never will be. After the death of the princess, her husband, Charles, Prince of Wales, who is currently traveling in the name of good and spiritual causes around the world. Prince Charles talks in a royal tone for justification of the human race, of any kind but somehow forgot to obtain a justification for Princess Diana’s death.

Now married to his all time loving and adoring Camilla with spreading arms, the two will remain together for the days to come.  What is amazing is that the Queen of England for whom nothing is worthy and compromising when it comes to her bloodline, but it has gone all with the royal wind when she accepted Camilla as the wife of Prince Charles and the tragic part is as the stepmother of Diana’s two innocent royal sons.

Why the very outspoken, disciplined and straight forward queen did not struggle for Diana, when she was alive, history will never know.  Diana was an innocent woman, heart and soul and deeply in love with the Prince, but faced a horrible betrayal by him. It was written in all the headlines that the death and investigation of the princess would come to an end because of lack of evidence. This is so foolish to think in this century when murder of an ice aged mummy man was investigated properly and documented. Why not explore all of the possibilities in the world for her.

If, the princess diary is coming to an end, with no conclusion, then at least for now it seems that there is no doubt that the royals have never been opposed in their discipline for such a disaster. Camilla may have captured the heart of the prince; however it appears that she will never be accepted in hearts of the people. Why then the queen is keeping a secret we may never know.  Possibly, the Queen is thinking that she had to place a photograph of Princess Diana on the throne of the queen, after her.  Maybe there will be a ceremony of royals to change Camilla within, however in no way does she deserve to be a queen of England if the question of the royal bloodline remains.

Whatsoever, at least if not a happy life for her, they can give a spiritual console as she is waiting somewhere in tears as she was always an innocent person which gave England a future king. We always wanted to get inspired by the discipline of the royals and always wanted them as they were. They should not harm our dreams of kings and queens with this cruel in justification. Therefore, in the princess diary there is more to be written truthfully.