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Published:April 18th, 2007 05:32 EST
Let Love Win - Commentary on  Virginia Tech  Shooting

Let Love Win - Commentary on Virginia Tech Shooting

By Angela B

This morning in the car, I found my eyes being drawn to what from a distance appeared to be a new graffiti marking on the side of the street. Much to my surprise, it was a poster taped to an electrical box with the printed words “Let Love Win.” A handful of other identical posters could be spotted along the road.

I could not agree more.

After the sad and horrifying news of Monday's shooting in  Virginia, it was comforting to see a reaction the next morning from someone so many miles away.  It is such a simple message reminding people that such hatred and malicious acts affect everyone.

Parents send their children to school with the assumption that they will be safe and out of harms way. University students never leave their dorms or apartments in the morning thinking that anything could endanger them. Teachers do not hesitate to walk into their classrooms with the sole intention to teach and educate their pupils. Unfortunately, the world we live in these days is not so forgiving. These types of actions can happen anywhere and be unannounced.

The statement President Bush made about how this horrific event affects students nationwide is extremely accurate.  In fact, it affects everyone. I hope that after this tragic course of events more precautionary measures will be taken and required for the safety of students, faculty, staff and ultimately everyone.

This change may all begin with the remembrance of the simple words, “Let Love Win.” It is important to remember everyone whose lives where taken and dramatically altered from this event, but more than anything it is imperative that we do not forget. We must not forget, instead we must work together to ensure change.