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Published:May 22nd, 2007 04:59 EST
Perspective on Spider-Man 3

Perspective on Spider-Man 3

By Garrett Godwin

When he made the decision to become Spider-Man, Peter Parker continues to live by the motto his beloved Uncle Ben taught him: with great power comes greater responsibility. Spider-Man is about the birth of a hero, while Spider-Man 2 is the choices the hero must make and the sacrifices that goes along with it.  Now, in Spider-Man 3 is a story about forgiveness, redemption, and finding your way as well as yourself again.

What makes the film so great is because of antagonists such as Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church), aka Sandman, and Harry Osborn (James Franco), aka the New Goblin.  Though they're supposed to be the bad guys, they're not completely evil or villainous as the writers made them more layered and sympathetic because we, the audience, understand their pain, and why they did what they do.

But most of all, the film shows Peter Parker and his heroic alter-ego learning another important lesson: the true battle lies within.

In other words, no one is completely good or completely evil, for we're all sinners by nature and practice.  Though capable of doing well, we're also capable of doing evil against God and one another.  The battle between good and evil is more than what's out there in the world, but what is inside of us.  It is an ongoing struggle everyday because of the choices we make and the live we lead that will shape us into who we are today.  The world isn't black-and-white as we all want it to be, for there are shades of gray and ambiguity.  In the end, we're not 100% good guys nor 100% bad guys, but flawed, imperfect human beings.

Spider-Man 3 is out in theaters right now.