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Published:July 2nd, 2007 07:42 EST
Why Life is Like a Puzzle

Why Life is Like a Puzzle

By Natasha Kalafatis

Life is just one big jigsaw puzzle.

* You don`t always know how the picture will end up looking like at the end.

* The pieces are scattered and every one is individual.

* There are the easy parts and the hard parts.

* It takes time and patience.

* You`re going to get frustrated. Sometimes you should just take a break.

* No matter how many times you try to jam a piece into an opening that you think is right, it doesn`t mean that the piece is ever going to fit.

* Sometimes you`ll need to give up on one piece and move along to the others.

* The piece may fit, and you try to reassure yourself that it`s going to be fine, but somehow you know it`s not right.

* You try to learn from your mistakes so as not to repeat yourself-- which you sometimes still do anyway.

* Your friends are as vital as your own skill.

* Always keep trying. You never know when you`re going to get lucky.