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Published:September 23rd, 2007 08:36 EST

Third World...or hidden treasure?

By Heidi Lopez

This past summer, I took a trip to Nicaragua, and I have to say it was everything America isn't. Sure, over there, they live a simple life (what we see as poverty), but it's better. The difference in lifestyle was astonishing because, although I haven't been there in seven years, nothing's changed. Everyone still maintains their life of spending time with the family, having simple fun, like playing marbles or hide-and-seek, and sustaining a life of relaxation and happiness. It’s not like that in the U.S anymore. We gave up all those simplicities of life for money and a better income. But is this trade-off worth it, considering that our American lives are filled with stress and worry? Ever since I returned to the U.S., I've kept asking myself, "Do I really need that?" or "Can I go through my life knowing I gave up this opportunity?" It's funny that a trip to a third world country can make one question the way they lead their own life. Seeing the lifestyle difference is something that I wish everyone could do. I believe that once one's taken in a different lifestyle, they'll appreciate their life more, finding themselves happier.

Whether we've come to realize it or not, we live in a time where simplicity is a matter of the past and taking care of ourselves is more of a priority than valuing our surroundings.  




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