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Published:February 21st, 2008 17:16 EST
90 Days Remaining

90 Days Remaining

By Sean Stubblefield

“I will kill myself in 90 days. This is my online diary of my last days.”

At, filmmaker and net activist Tania Derveaux has created an intriguing fictional blog as a fictional character, to present and examine aspects of suicides broadcast online.

But it doesn’t tell you upfront that it is not real. It is introduced as genuine—much like Loneligirl15 when it began—presumably to enhance the drama shock and increase our taking the site and subject more seriously.

As the site explains, almost as a parenthetical after thought, “This website is an anti-suicide culture campaign aimed at a disturbing trend that is currently gaining momentum: blogging about committing suicide.”

Click where it says “suicide isn’t sexy”.

(I can’t help but wonder at the possibility that presenting this as fictional could be a cover for a legitimate intention to commit suicide, meant to divert us from intervening, while simultaneously drawing attention to ‘net suicide.)

So far, “Tania” is posting a blog entry everyday, contemplating how and why she might kill herself and commenting on suicide in general-- as she counts down to her impending self-inflicted “death”. She actually provides insightful narrative of introspection about suicide, with an authentically believable thought process and attitude of someone considering or planning to kill themselves.

The site also supplies links to suicide help resources and info.

Today, there are 75 days left…

Tania and “90 Days” are part of an interesting project called “I Power”, which“refers to the power that each individual has to change and to take control of his own life.”

She also wrote, produced and appeared in a short sci-fi film called IP, and is developing another film using the same initials “IP”-- short for “intellectual porn”-- intended to be a “revolutionary cinematic experience” that would “break all porn taboos and make porn accessible to family audiences“.