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Published:May 2nd, 2008 06:54 EST
Anonymous Versus Scientology

Anonymous Versus Scientology

By SOP newswire2

You may have heard the story of Scientology and Anonymous from other reporters. It has been covered by many major news outlets as of late. What you are about to read now is different. I am Anonymous... to quote one of my brothers; this is one of my many faces. We are everywhere and nowhere. And none of us is as cruel as all of us.

Our story begins earlier this year. A Scientology video was leaked to YouTube. The video contained clips of Tom Cruise literally going nuts over Scientology. In the beginning it was a source of many lulz (our very own corruption of lol, thank Faux News for the definition...) for the users of the internet. The lulz quickly ended, however, when the Church of Scientology demanded its removal due to copyright laws.

What kind of a church has copyright laws?

This simple action of censorship awoke a great sleeping giant. Anonymous. It was decided amongst the collective that the Church of Scientology must be destroyed. They had overstepped the boundaries. Knowledge on the Internet is always free... and the Internet is our playground. We made our declaration of war.

You may be wondering who Anonymous is. Let`s start off by going over what we are not. We are not "cool guys" like the niece of Scientologist leader David Miscavige said on Nightline a week ago. We are not your friends. We are not protesters looking to make the world a better place. And we are not a bunch of teenagers living in our mom`s basement.

We are Anonymous. We are legion. We have no leaders. We are here for lulz. We will not be denied lulz. Expect us.

Back to our story... and speaking of lulz, many were had those first few days. Our attacks were non-violent; in the forms of prank calls, black looped faxes, emails, and of course, DDoS attacks on Scientology servers. While the maturity level was questionable, no one got hurt.

Scientologists tried to change all that. Soon after the attacks began, another video was released on YouTube claiming to be from Anonymous. Bomb threats were made and certain high ranking members of Scientology were also personally threatened. All of a sudden this war was serious business. However, all was not as it seemed. Watch the following video and make up your own mind as to who actually uploaded the threats.

Soon after the first video and wave of attacks, he who shall be known as Wise Beard Man released a YouTube video aimed at Anonymous. Wise Beard Man has been fighting Scientology for years now and wanted to offer us some advice. His words changed the course of the war.

True to his name, Wise Beard Man was indeed wise. Protests were decided upon. DDoS attacks would stop. We would fight the Scientologists by informing the public of them. I will do my part now by informing you, the reader, of their wickedness. Don`t take my word for it though. Visit the scientologist website at Read what they have to say. Then go to,, and Google the name "Lisa Mcpherson". Make up your own mind. Here is a good video that explains a lot...

Again, back to our story. The first protest held on February 10th was pretty successful considering how chaotic we are by nature. New Zealand was pretty fail, but there are lulz to be had even in failure. Actually, more folks showed than most people expected. This was an important day because it showed the scientologists that we weren`t afraid to take the fight away from our computer screens and fax machines and into the streets and in front of their offices.

The next protest had much more momentum behind it. It came a month later on L. Ron Hubbard`s birthday, March 15th. It was entitled Operation Party Hard. Numbers were larger all over the world. By this time the Scientologists had taken notice of us and even released a DVD bashing Anonymous. The same DVD, ironically, that shot them in the foot back in the second video I posted.

The so called church began to have protesters followed. License plate numbers were written down and illegally traced. (Is there any other way to trace a license plate number?) Unconstitutional legal notices were placed at the homes of random people thought to have been at the protests. Parents were informed that their children were part of a `terrorist organization`. One man reported his cat missing after Scientologist private investigators followed him home, along with a pool of blood and traces of poisoning near the cat`s water bowl. They were becoming aggressive as you can see in this next video...

We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We do not back down until our lulz are had. Also, Scientology is evil, blah, blah, blah. We were definitely not intimidated by their scare tactics. Another protest was planned.

On April 12th our numbers were epic. Some reports more than doubled our numbers from the first protest. London especially. I have to add this video to the article because these guys are doing it right...

There were also arrests. In Atlanta, two protesters were arrested for shouting on bullhorns and cars that honked to support the protesters were pulled over and ticketed. The protesters remained completely non-violent even in the face of such clear police harassment. We are too smart for them to provoke us.

The April 12th protests were focused on the churches `disconnect` policy, in which members of the church are forced to disconnect with any family or friends that don`t agree with Scientology. This is where the niece of the head of the church came in. She was a victim of this policy and nightline interviewed her. Check out the video...

Also, shortly after the last protest, Scientology was delivered a blow by one of their own. Jason Beghe, a high ranking member of Scientology, defected from the church. He gave an interview to wise beard man that was critical of Scientology which was promptly removed from YouTube. He predicted many others would soon follow him out of the whacky religion. What follows is a preview of the video...

As you can see, the CoS is starting to feel the effects of this war. The next protest is planned May 10th. This time we are going to inform the public of their fair game policy. Read all about it at This is a policy they have already used on many protesters. It will continue to be used on us. And we will laugh in their faces as we steal their Thetans. (Note: Microsoft Word doesn`t recognize `Thetans` as a word. Good job, Bill Gates, good job.)

By Anonymous

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