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Published:May 9th, 2008 03:16 EST
French Doctor: Approach burping and farting in relaxed manner

French Doctor: Approach burping and farting in relaxed manner

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In a recently published book, Le Grand Ménage, French doctor Frédéric Saldmann says that his compatriots need to approach bodily functions such as burping and farting in a more relaxed manner.

Dr Saldmann says that 2 litres of gas are produced in the intestines on a daily basis and failing to let it out can cause problems. Similarly he says that not burping increases the risk of developing hiatal hernias, heartburn and oesophageal cancer."

Quotation from ShortNews.Com

The French take baths as often as Oprah Winfrey goes on a fast -- it's not surprising that it's a French doctor urging his compatriots to just let 'em rip.

When I was a kid I had an uncle who farted in a "relaxed manner", in the midst of a conversation, he would casually lift his cheek and "bombs away". My Mom would box my ears if I laughed, grimaced or showed any reaction. I had daydreams where I would kill and torture my flatulent uncle in a very relaxed manner.

It might be healthier for an individual to just blast away, but it wouldn't do much for the appetite of those around him. It's usually around meal times that we feel an urgency to relieve gas pressure. If you feel the urge to "cut the cheese", I'm sure Ms Manners would suggest that you do so in a restroom.

In some countries belching is considered a compliment to the cook, but if a fool burps at my dinner table, that will be the last time I invite him to break bread with me. In my home a simple, "that was a great meal" is preferable to a loud burp.

As if we didn't have sufficient reasons not to travel to France; who wants to visit a country where everybody lets 'em rip?