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Published:June 25th, 2008 15:30 EST
Groovy Idea: Pot Smoking Lounges At Denver International Airport

Groovy Idea: Pot Smoking Lounges At Denver International Airport

By Robert Paul Reyes

Travel by air becomes more stressful every day; we are practically stripped searched before we can board our plane and airliners are adding new surcharges to compensate for the high price of jet fuel.

Pot Smoking Safer Alternatives for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER) has come up with an excellent idea for alleviating stress at the airport:

"SAFER held a press conference on Tuesday outside the offices of the Federal Aviation Administration in Denver to propose a solution to the rash of in-flight disturbances on airplanes over the last year.

Last week, a New York woman, Christina Szele, was arrested after she started smoking in her JetBlue airline seat and punched a flight attendant who stepped in to stop her. Her plane, enroute to San Francisco from New York, was diverted to Denver because of the situation.

And in the last few months, Denver International Airport (DIA) has been a hot spot for arrests of drunken, unruly airplane passengers.

Tvert argues that marijuana alleviates anxiety for people who are afraid to fly and that passengers could use pot in the smoking lounges at the airport as a safer alternative to alcohol."

Quotation from

Mason Tvert, the executive director of SAFER deserves a Noble Peace Prize for his marvelous idea.

A weed smoking lounge at an airport would be a tremendous source of revenue; install a few snack vending machines and the airport might as well be given a license to print money.

The only problem I forsee is that a few passengers might miss their flights because they just couldn`t tear themselves away from the wonderful ambiance of the marijuana smoking lounge.

Drunk passengers are at the very least a nuisance, and at the most they pose a serious threat to the safety of passengers and flight crew. Passengers high on marijuana won`t pose a danger to anyone, they will spend most of the time snacking and sleeping.

Passengers who board an airplane fortified with a few joints will be able to handle the stress of air travel:

Pilot: Please don`t be alarmed because we just lost an engine. We will be making an emergency landing in Iran, and I don`t anticipate any problems landing.

Non-pot smoker: My God, We are dead!! If the landing doesn`t kill us, the Iranians will!!

Pot Smoker: Dude, chill out. It`s all good. Stop moving around, you are going to crunch my Doritos.

"DIA spokesman Chuck Cannon said he does not foresee marijuana smoking in the airport."

Quotation from DenverPost.Com

I don`t think this essay will convince Cannon to change his mind, but if he spent a weekend at my house watching a Brady Bunch marathon and smoking a few reefers we would see marijuana-friendly lounges all over his airport.