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Published:June 26th, 2008 13:45 EST
Young Sisters March To Protest High Cost Of Gas

Young Sisters March To Protest High Cost Of Gas

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sadie and Pyper Vance marched through downtown Salt Lake City chanting and carrying signs protesting the high cost of gasoline. These young ladies are mad as hell, and they aren`t going to take it anymore.

High Cost Of Gas!The Vance sisters aren`t professional protestors; they don`t belong to any political group, and they don`t have any particular axe to grind, other than a deep desire to bring down the cost of fuel.

Perhaps this excerpt from an Associated Press story about these sisters, gives a clue as to who they are:

"`All of my mom`s monny goes to the gas tank!` Pyper`s sign read. Sadie carried a sign asking drivers to honk to lower gas prices - adding that her mom had to cut `cabel.`

The girls got some waves and a few thumbs-up to show support."

These are not adult females related to the grammar-impaired President of the United states, they are 9 and 7 year-old sisters.

These precious youngsters put most of us to shame-- they are doing something to register their outrage. When we fill-up we grimace, shrug, and figure there`s nothing we can do.

There are actions we can take: We can send a letter to the editor; we can write our representatives in Congress and demand they come down hard on the speculators who are driving up the cost of gas.

I hope that Pyper and Sadie`s cable company takes pitty on them and hooks them up with free cable. These girls shouldn`t be deprived of cable-- doesn`t the Constitution guarantee the right of every red-blooded American to 600+ cable stations?