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Published:July 8th, 2008 21:00 EST
Man Flew Lawn Chair Powered By Helium Balloons 200 Miles

Man Flew Lawn Chair Powered By Helium Balloons 200 Miles

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Using his trusty BB gun to help him return to Earth, a 48-year-old gas station owner flew a lawn chair rigged with helium-filled balloons more than 200 miles across the Oregon desert Saturday, landing in a field in Idaho.

Kent Couch created a sensation in this tiny farming community, where he touched down safely in a pasture after lifting off from Bend, Ore., and was soon greeted by dozens of people who gave him drinks of water, local plumber Mark Hetz said."

Quotation from the Associated Press

I have no desire to climb the highest peak in the world, or go sky-diving, but this exploit appeals to my couch potato nature.

I wouldn`t mind floating in the air in a lawn chair, as long as I had a cooler full of beer, and a portable DVD Player. Hey, after a few minutes I would get bored of the spectacular scenery, and I would be in a mood to watch a good action flick.

I would also land in a hick town-- the villagers aren`t used to such nonsense and they would regard me as a celebrity. I would spend the night at the house of a star-struck buxom widow.

My only worry is that some yokel would mistake me for a UFO, and point his trusty shot gun in my direction.