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Published:September 10th, 2008 12:28 EST
Sarah Palin Doll:  Big Hit On The Internet

Sarah Palin Doll: Big Hit On The Internet

By Robert Paul Reyes

John McCain is taking full advantage of the popularity of Sarah Palin, she introduces him at every campaign appearance. Palin has injected enthusiasm and energy into a formerly moribund campaign.

Palin has dwarfed McCain, he`s a bystander in the Palin fever that has gripped the nation. McCain may be making a mistake by having his running mate introduce him at every campaign stop, that strategy is like having Barbara Streisand as the warm up act for the 2nd place runner up American Idol contestant.

The media is using the attractive governor of Alaska to spike ratings, and sell newspapers and magazines.

Everybody wants to make money from the Palin phenomenon, including the toy industry.

"Move over Barbie, there`s a new girl in town and this one carries a gun, a Bible, wants to ban sex education taught in High School and can kick Ken`s ass from Miami to Wasilla, Alaska...and back. It`s the new anatomically correct Sarah Palin doll, and for a mere $27.95 your young daughter (or your husband) can own one of these plastic princesses."

There are three different Palin dolls, one of them has a skirt so short it would make Britney Spears blush. The Palin action figure displays more northern exposure than the whole state of Alaska. All of the dolls come with Palin`s distinctive glasses and crazy do.

If John McCain wins the presidency (God forbid) he can use the Palin dolls to his political advantage. If he mailed the tinpot dictator of Iran a Sarah Palin doll, once the loony tunes leader took a gander at the plastic Palin sporting a gun and a Bible, he would quickly succumb to the Palin mystique and dismantle his nuclear installations.

McCain should purchase a Palin doll for his personal use, since he has zero chance of scoring with the flesh and blood version.

I find this cashing in on the popularity of Sarah Palin reprehensible, oh nevermind, I just realized that the last five essays I`ve written have been about Palin.

If you gotta have a Palin doll they`re for sale at Herobuilders.Com