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Published:September 18th, 2008 12:08 EST
Canada's Green Party Leader Apologizes For NOT Smoking Pot

Canada's Green Party Leader Apologizes For NOT Smoking Pot

By Robert Paul Reyes

In America politicians are loathe to confess that they have smoked marijuana. President Bill Clinton admitted that he smoked weed, but he absurdly claimed that he never inhaled. That`s like a guy pleading with his wife: Honey, I cheated with the hot neighbor with the big knockers, but I didn`t enjoy the experience.

But the attitude toward the magic herb is growing more permissive; Sarah Palin acknowledged smoking pot in her younger days and it barely caused a ripple in the political campaign.

In Canada things are a little bit different, a politician actually apologized for NOT smoking weed.

"The leader of Canada`s Green Party, unveiling an election platform that includes a proposal to legalize marijuana, apologised on Wednesday for not having smoked pot.
"I am not a fan of marijuana use. I have to confess this -- I know all politicians are asked. I`ve never used marijuana. I apologise," said Elizabeth May, who won extra attention this year by being allowed to join the televised national leaders` debates."


The Green Party in Canada supports making the sale of marijuana legal, they see this liberal policy as an excellent way of generating revenue for the government.

I have a lot of things to apologize for in my life, but thank goodness that I don`t have to apologize for refraining from smoking a doobie.

I hope that one day marijuana will be legal in the United States, and presidential candidates who have never smoked a joint will feel compelled to issue an apology.