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Published:September 20th, 2008 13:09 EST
Obama Losing His Grip: Mocks Disabled War Veteran

Obama Losing His Grip: Mocks Disabled War Veteran

By John Lillpop


Team Obama has had a jolly good time recently taking cruel and unnecessary pot shots at Viet Nam veteran John McCain who, because of severe beatings suffered while serving America as a prisoner of war, is unable to comb his hair, tie his shoes, and type on a keyboard.

When you know the facts, mocking a disabled war veteran is not all that funny. In fact, it has about the same humor value as denigrating a beautiful and talented woman as "Lipstick on a pig."

Which is to say no value whatsoever, except to left wing nut wits finally awakening to the fact that their Messiah is a fraud and is being recognized as such by an ever increasing percentage of likely voters.

Of course knowing the facts would be contrary to Obama`s Campaign Policies and Procedures manual, said manual sans the customary Ethics section.

People still able to use their arms and fingers without excruciating pain will, of course, take advantage of the Internet, e-mail, text messaging and other high technology communication.

However, there is the danger of over reliance, even addiction, if one is not careful.

Say, for instance, one is involved in a crucial decision making situation like deciding whom to select as one`s running mate in an important election. A normal person would mull the pluses and minuses over in his or her mind, make his or her decision, and inform his or her choice of the good news over the telephone, or in person.

Safe, sound, and secure communication is always best when the stakes are so high.

On the other hand, the e-mail addict would compose a draft text message announcing his important decision and save the draft for the most opportune release moment.

Extreme care is absolutely essential as one could easily type in the wrong name--like Joseph Biden, for example--and send the errant text message on it`s merry way to tens of millions of fellow cyberspace freaks by simply clicking SEND.

In days gone by, a flawed letter or FAX could be retrieved by simply slipping a few $100 bills under the table to an underpaid, disgruntled campaign secretary who would arrange for the document to be incinerated upon receipt, and before any incriminating copies could be made.

Alas, that was then, this is now!

A flawed text message naming Joseph Biden as the VP choice of Barack Obama cannot be retrieved. The damn thing will go to Biden`s in-box straight away, and to all BCC and CC recipients.

In order to access the e-mail, the receiving party will need to enter the system password, reputed to be JIHADPOWER for high officials in the Obama campaign. Upper case, no spaces.

Therefore, while John McCain is physically unable to send e-mails, he will never have to worry about saddling the people of America with an old, balding plagiarist as his running mate because of a slippery keyboard.

Besides, in the final analysis the issue is about more than keyboard dexterity.

The real issue is judgment, a commodity severely lacking in Barack Obama, even with his arms and fingers intact and functional.