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Published:September 29th, 2008 17:26 EST
Crazy Dentist Barges Into A Woman's House And Yanks Her Teeth Out

Crazy Dentist Barges Into A Woman's House And Yanks Her Teeth Out

By Robert Paul Reyes

It takes a touch of masochism and, and a bit of desperation for the average person to visit the dentist. Even though I have an excellent dental plan, I don`t go to the dentist unless I have a throbbing toothache. I always feel silly when I thank a dentist for torturing me, that`s like thanking a cop for giving you a speeding ticket.

When the dentist is performing his tender ministrations, I keep my eyes closed. This is not a precaution from the harsh light focused on my face, I`d rather not see the implements of torture.

Going to the dentist is bad enough, but imagine a dentist breaking into your house and yanking your teeth. This scenario would make a riveting premise for a horror flick, but it actually happened to a woman.

"A woman suffered the freak nightmare of mouth surgery after her dentist burst into her home and yanked out her teeth.

The German dentist is now under investigation for assault and theft after performing the surgery because the woman had not paid him."


Nobody likes a deadbeat, but this woman was not at fault, it was her insurance company that neglected to pay the bill.

Poor lady, I`d rather Freddy Krueger break into my house and slice my face with his steel fingers than have a lunatic dentist barge into my home and yank my teeth.