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Published:November 6th, 2008 08:37 EST
HELP...A Fox is Biting Me: Jogger Sprints Mile With Fox Locked On Her Arm

HELP...A Fox is Biting Me: Jogger Sprints Mile With Fox Locked On Her Arm

By Robert Paul Reyes

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night can stop an average jogger from indulging in his favorite hobby. Even if a drill instructor got in my face and screamed "Jog, Jog, Jog", I still wouldn`t get up from my sofa. But joggers are fanatics and they don`t let anything stop them from jogging.

The following story perfectly illustrates the insane stubbornness of a typical runner:

"Authorities in Arizona say a jogger attacked by a rabid fox ran a mile with the animal`s jaws clamped on her arm and then drove herself to a hospital. The Yavapai County sheriff`s office said the woman told deputies she was on a trail near Prescott on Monday when the fox attacked and bit her foot.

The woman wanted the animal tested for rabies so she ran a mile to her car with the fox still biting her arm, then pried it off and tossed it in her trunk and drove to the Prescott hospital."

The Associated Press

If I`m jogging and a crazy fox clamped on my arm I would punch the thing to death or gouge out its eyes; I would do anything but run a mile to my car with the thing hanging on to my arm.

The woman was able to pry the animal off when she got to her car, maybe should could have pried it off earlier but wanted the challenge of sprinting with the animal stuck to her arm. Runners are crazy and I wouldn`t put anything past them.

The fox tested positive for rabies, and the woman is receiving rabies vaccinations. I think she should also be receiving treatment for mental illness.