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Published:November 15th, 2008 08:38 EST
Pregnant Man Shows Off

Pregnant Man Shows Off

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The famously pregnant man, transgender male Thomas Beatie, proudly showed off his expanding belly and revealed that he and his wife are considering having more children, according to a British tabloid.

Beatie, born a woman who was named Tracy Lagondino, retained his female reproductive organs, which allowed him to conceive. Since Nancy, who already has adult children from a previous relationship, could not have children, Beatie offered to carry a child for her.

The baby was conceived through artificial insemination. Nancy actually performed the procedure at home with a syringe."

Transgendered persons should be treated with respect, nobody changes sex on a whim. Individuals have to undergo intensive counseling before they are approved for a sex change operation. To change sex is an expensive, intensive and arduous ordeal, and anyone who undergoes this process has my admiration.

But I have no respect for Thomas Beatie, he/she seems to thrive on the publicity and notoriety. Beatie is always smiling when she`s holding court before the cameras, but will she be smiling when her children come home crying from school because they were teased unmercifully?

My essay is titled "Pregnant Man Is Pregnant Again", but that`s just to get everyone`s attention. Beatie is not yet a man, she`s a woman who had her breasts chopped off and who`s taken male hormones to give her facial hair.

There are thousands of children waiting to be adopted, Beatie should have opted for adoption and spared her children the stigma of having been brought into this world by a "pregnant man."

If Beatie wants to be a real man she should have her reproductive organs removed. She`s already sentenced two children to a lifetime of ridicule, for heaven`s sake I hope this will be her last baby.