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Published:November 21st, 2008 15:00 EST
Male And Female Prisoners Sneak Through Ceiling To Make Whoopie

Male And Female Prisoners Sneak Through Ceiling To Make Whoopie

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Three male and three female inmates at a southern Indiana jail face charges that they devised a way to sneak between cell blocks to help pass their time behind bars by having sex.

The inmates figured out how to remove metal ceiling panels in the Greene County Jail and used the passageway more than a dozen times in September and October, according to court documents.

Prosecutors have filed felony escape charges against the six inmates, who were awaiting trial on a variety of charges.

The Associated Press (AP)

The inmates embarrassed prison officials and prosecutors are seeking revenge by slapping bogus felony escape charges against the jail love birds. The six inmates were not trying to escape, why would they try to get away when they were having so much fun?

I am impressed with the ingenuity of the inmates, if only they would use their intelligence and determination in a legal enterprise once they get out of jail.

The biological urge to "make whoopie" is so strong that metal ceiling plates weren`t going to stand in the way of horndog prisoners.

According to the AP article the ceiling panels have been secured, I hope so or else authorities will need to open a nursery in the jail.