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Published:December 17th, 2008 11:23 EST
star wars

UK Woolworths Afraid Lightsaber Might Be Mistaken For A Rifle

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It is a toy which has the power to bring joy to children all over the galaxy.

But excited youngsters have been banned from buying a Star Wars lightsaber at Woolworths - because of fears the Jedi weapon looks like a gun.

star wars

Last year, it was made illegal to sell imitation guns, air rifles and some BB guns to children."


Only an extremely intoxicated Jedi warrior would mistake a lightsaber for a rifle or a shotgun. It`s a shame that some small children in the UK will be deprieved of the fun of brandishing their lightsabers against the Dark Force.

I can understand a toy store refusing to sell a toy gun that looks like the genuine artice, but a lightsaber looks only like a lightsaber.

If a 6-year-old girl waves her lightsaber at me I`m not going to mistake it for a shotgun, and hand over my bubblegum and pocket change.

There`s nothing wrong with kids playing with guns, when I was a small child I played cops and robbers and I turned out OK, right?