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Published:January 2nd, 2009 17:20 EST
Guy Pelts Windshield With Paintballs To Deter Pal From Driving Drunk

Guy Pelts Windshield With Paintballs To Deter Pal From Driving Drunk

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man (Shawn Wallace) in Washington state who reportedly told police he was trying to deter a friend from driving drunk by blasting the friend`s windshield with paintballs wound up in jail.

Kennewick, Wash., police Sgt. Ken Lattin calls it a `very creative` way to prevent someone from drunken driving - but a designated driver would have been safer."

The Associated Press

This article goes under the heading: With friends like these who needs enemies? We can`t choose our family members, but we can select our friends. If your friend`s idiotic actions place you in danger, you only have yourself to blame.

When we see a friend drunk we do our best to discourage him from getting behind the wheel, because we don`t want him to be injured or killed in an accident. This fool is not preventing his friend from getting into an accident, he is almost ensuring that he will get into one by blasting his windshield with paintballs. There`s a good chance that a drunk might drive even with a windshield obscured with paint.

I don`t know what Wallace was thinking, at 41 his reckless action can`t be dismissed as the prank of a foolish teenager. Maybe Wallace has been pelted with one too many paintballs to his noggin