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Published:January 10th, 2009 13:30 EST

Bank Robber Wearing Mask Politely Waits in Line

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man may have tipped his intentions when he stood in line at an Ohio bank wearing a ski mask before staging a holdup. Police in Stow near Akron say 24-year-old Feliks Goldshtein of Highland Heights was arrested minutes later on Thursday following a brief car chase." - AP

Even being a bank robber requires a modicum of intelligence which apparently Goldshtein doesn`t possess. At least he serves to dispel the notion that everybody with a Jewish surname is a rocket scientist, brain surgeon, lawyer or a philosopher.

Once you have donned a ski mask with the express intent of robbing a bank, doing the dirty deed quick should take precedence of observing niceties like waiting in line.

I hope that the courteous bank robber doesn`t politely pick up the soap for someone else, or he`s going to have a tough time in the Big House.

Let`s pray that the hapless bank robber learns a trade in prison, he`s obviously not cut out to be a bank robber.