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Published:January 14th, 2009 11:05 EST
Obese Criminal Given Light Sentence: Too Fat To Survive In Prison

Obese Criminal Given Light Sentence: Too Fat To Survive In Prison

By Robert Paul Reyes

A MORBIDLY obese thug was handed a soft sentence because he was too fat to survive in prison.

Peter Owens - who weighs a whopping 40 STONE - was fit enough to batter two men with a baseball bat but deemed too fat and unhealthy to serve a full jail term.

Owens, 38, suffers from diabetes, angina, incontinence, septicaemia, tumours and ulcers - conditions which he previously claimed earned him £2,000 a month in benefits.

Despite using a wheelchair to get around, he attacked two men with a bat after bursting into their home - leaving one needing stitches for a head injury.

We don`t need any soft-headed judges who take it easy on fat thugs, the judge should have given Owens the maximum sentence. Owens may be obese and suffering from myriad health issues, but he has been convicted several times and doesn`t deserve any mercy.

Before he attacked two men with a baseball bat Owens should have considered that his violent act may land him in prison. So what if Owens dies behind bars, the world would be better of without him.

Owens went ballistic because allegedly one of the two men he attacked called his son a "nonce" -- that`s British slang for child molester. I don`t know if Owen`s son is a nonce, but violence is never the appropriate response to an insult.

The incontinent fat slob should be sitting in a commode in a prison cell, instead of living on the dole and posing a threat to his family and neighbors.