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Published:February 17th, 2009 13:12 EST
The Bernard Madoff Smash-Me Doll

The Bernard Madoff Smash-Me Doll

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Mad at disgraced investor Bernard Madoff? There`s a toy just for you. One of the vendors at this week`s Toy Fair is offering the `Smash-Me Bernie,` a $99.95 Madoff look-alike doll that wears a devil-red suit and carries a pitchfork. It comes with its own hammer - so you can pulverize it." The Associated Press

Bernard Madoff has one of those smug faces you yearn to bash, and I felt that way before he was unveiled as the biggest con artist of all time. I don`t condone violence, and I hope that none of Madoff`s victims will resort to violence.

When Madoff appears on TV he still holds his head high and he still has that smug look on his mug, he thinks he`s untouchable and he may be right. An average crook who breaks into a pawn shop and steals a couple of thousand dollars worth of merchandize is thrown in the slammer without bail. Madoff steals billions from hundreds of unlucky investors, and he`s ensconced in his luxurious penthouse.

I`m mad at Madoff, but I can`t afford a $99.95 doll. I hope the AP made a mistake, and the doll is only worth $9.95. I wasn`t ripped off by Madoff, and I`m not about to let myself be robbed by a toy company.

But if managed to get my hands on one of those Madoff dolls, I would set in on fire instead of pulverizing it with a hammer. After all, the devil belongs in a lake of fire.