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Published:February 23rd, 2009 15:50 EST
Psycho Dentist Makes Housecall To Grab Lady's Dentures

Psycho Dentist Makes Housecall To Grab Lady's Dentures

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A German court Friday found a dentist guilty of assault for forcibly extracting the dentures from a patient who did not pay a 700-euro (623-pound) bill.

Chirin Kolb, a reporter for the Suedwest Presse newspaper, said the dentist, 57, apologised to the municipal court in Neu-Ulm after he was fined 6,000 euros for going to the woman`s home and taking the false teeth from her mouth. Reuters

Sitting in a chair while the dentist tortures you with a whole array of devilish instruments is a horrifying experience. And then to add insult to injury a dentist will charge you an arm and a leg for inflicting you with pain and misery. Dentists recommend that you visit them twice a year, my dentist is lucky if he sees me twice in a decade. My teeth may be yellow and crumbling, but at least I don`t have to see a psychiatrist for post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Going to the dentist is a nightmare, but having a demented dentist pay you a housecall is the most godawful thing I can imagine. That dentist should have been slapped with a year in jail, and fined a million euros.

The victim appeared in court with no teeth, claiming that the incident had left her too stressed out to ever again wear dentures. I don`t think she was playing to the jury, I really believe that she doesn`t wear her dentures anymore.

Dear Lord, after reading this article I may never again go to the dentist.