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Published:March 1st, 2009 15:18 EST
Parliament Of Clowns: Cabal Of Evil Clowns?

Parliament Of Clowns: Cabal Of Evil Clowns?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Clowns from across the world met in Germany Friday to pitch laughter as a way to survive the economic crisis.

Organisers of the "Parliament of Clowns," performing in a theatre in the eastern city of Dresden, hope to prop up people`s spirits, saying the health benefits of laughter are proven.

`Fear can be laughed away, even in economically tough times,` said clown Antoschka, who spent two decades with the Moscow State Circus and launched the event under the slogan `Clowns of the World Unite.`" Reuters

The world is in a deep economic crisis, and the best way to cope is with laughter. I urge my readers to go to a comedy club, read an amusing book, watch a funny movie, see Britney Spears trying to lip synch and dance at the same time -- anything but have anything to do with clowns.

There is nothing even remotely funny about clowns, with their oversized shoes, garishly painted faces and broad gestures, they terrify children and adults.

I never darken the door of a McDonald`s, I`m terrified that I might find Ronald McDonald inside slurping on a Coke and beating up an old lady for laughs.

It`s no coincidence that John Wayne Gacy, the most prolific serial killer in the United States, was a professional clown. Who knows what unimaginable evil is hiding behind that big red nose?

Nobody is surprised that the scariest villain in movie history is Heath Ledger`s portrayal of the Joker. Ask a clown to perform a magic trick and he might just stab you in the head with a pencil.

It`s instructive that the clown cabal launched their event under the communist-sounding slogan: Clowns of the World Unite. Let`s hope the clowns of the world don`t unite, for surely we would be living under a dictatorship the likes of which this world has never seen.

I don`t want to unduly scare my readers, but I must warn you that this clown clique has set up a foundation to "bring laughter to children." Yeah right, the only thing they will bring to our innocents is terror and grief.

I don`t care if the "Parliament of Clowns" meets in the formerly communist controlled city of Dresden, but for God`s sake we must never let them come to New York City, Chicago or any other city in America.