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Published:March 18th, 2009 19:02 EST
Dog Bites Man: A Judgment Call

Dog Bites Man: A Judgment Call

By Christopher HIllenbrand

A mother from Rhode Island faces charges for reportedly punching and taking a bite out of a school principal. Aleyda Uceta, 30, was called into the principal`s office to discuss why her 11-year-old son was being suspended. When she found that out, she reared an ugly head and accosted the adminstrator caught off guard. Ms. Uceta punched him in the face and chomped down on his left arm.

The police were called to Roger Williams Middle School in Providence to apprehend the ornery mother, but before they could safely detain her, she also took a nibble from one of the arresting officers.

The principal, Mr. Rudolph Moseley Jr. recounted that Ms. Uceta became violently belligerent after he informed her that her son would be suspended for three days for disobeying orders for him to go to a room reserved for misbehaving children. She went into berserker mode after that.

Uceta was brought up on charges of assault on school officials, assault on police officials, and resisting arrest.

(The principal went in for a blood test for tetanus, but the results are pending.)