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Published:April 23rd, 2009 17:55 EST
Old Dude On Hoveround Takes Wrong Turn, Ends Up On Freeway

Old Dude On Hoveround Takes Wrong Turn, Ends Up On Freeway

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An elderly man ended up on the motorway in his mobility scooter after taking a wrong turn.

Motorists spotted the 89-year-old crawling along at 8mph in the hard shoulder of the M20 at Cheriton, near Folkestone, Kent.

Police were called in as cars, lorries and coaches hurtled past the man at 70mph on Tuesday afternoon."

We`ve all seen those Hoveround commercials that depict old geezers riding their motorized wheelchairs in supermarkets and on sidewalks. I`m not surprised that an old codger on a motorized wheelchair took a wrong turn and ended up on a freeway.

An 89-year-old man shouldn`t be riding anything with a motor or an engine, he should stick to riding a mechanical horse for children. The folks in the UK must be a tad more civilized, because if an old goat on a Hoveround somehow ends up on an expressway, this story would not have a happy ending. Most Americans don`t slow down for squirrels or an old dude in a mobility scooter.

The police took the old guy home; I hope they confiscated his mobility scooter.