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Published:May 10th, 2009 12:37 EST
Madness In UK: Paramedic Wearing Just A Thong Walks Into Supermarket

Madness In UK: Paramedic Wearing Just A Thong Walks Into Supermarket

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A paramedic was facing disciplinary action today after he walked into a supermarket crowded with shoppers wearing just a thong.

The ambulance man had been on duty when he strode defiantly into the Tesco store wearing just the underwear and a pair of socks after staff refused to serve him while he was wearing his ambulance uniform.

Police were called in and interviewed the medic about his actions which were said to have left shop staff and customers embarrassed and stunned."

It is unethical for a paramedic to attempt to purchase alcohol when he`s on duty and wearing his uniform. But that misdemeanor pales in comparison to his grievous indiscretion of stripping down to his thongs in a busy supermarket.

God meant thongs to be worn only be beautiful women, men who wear thongs should be banished from polite society. Men who parade in their thongs in public should have the book thrown at them.

Why is it always a middle-aged man, and never a gorgeous woman who disrobes in public? If a hottie had disrobed at that supermarket, there might have been genuine outrage from a few ladies, but most folks, especially the men, would only have smiled.

Most paramedics are professionals who take their jobs seriously, this joker has brought ridicule to his profession, and he should be immediately fired.