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Published:May 15th, 2009 15:56 EST
Student Barred From Prom: Her Date Reeked Of Weed

Student Barred From Prom: Her Date Reeked Of Weed

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Sarah Heideman`s dreams went up in smoke, literally, last weekend when she and her date were barred from entering their senior prom at Colorado`s Brighton High School.

Her boyfriend of two years reeked of pot, and police refused to let him in to the dance. But Jason Schweinsberg, who is often wracked with pain because of injuries from a car accident, has a legal prescription for medical marijuana.

Now, Heideman, 18, has retained a lawyer and wants someone to pay for the $500 she had spent on her dress, dinner, hair and prom tickets." ABCNews.Com

Jason Schweinsberg has legitimate injuries, and he has a legal right to smoke weed. The pertinent question is should he have been allowed to attend the senior prom if he "reeked of marijuana."?

Jason claims that he smoked pot in the morning -- he suffers from headaches as a result of the car accident that happened six years ago. I`m guessing Jason might have smoked a couple of joints in the afternoon as well if he reeked of pot.

If Jason really loved Sarah he wouldn`t have risked ruining Sarah`s big day, and he would have taken an aspirin instead of smoking a joint.

Nobody has a constitutional right to go the prom, and school officials have a right to bar a student or his guest from attending the big dance if they smell like Snoop Dogg.

Sarah has learned at a young age that life isn`t fair and sometimes stuff happens. Sarah`s lawsuit is frivolous, and it should be immediately dismissed by a judge. Instead of focusing her anger at her school, she should get on her boyfriend for not taking a bath and failing to rinse his mouth with Listerine.

Sarah claims that she has been traumatized by the experience; if missing the prom causes her trauma how will she react when a loved one dies or she`s diagnosed with a serious disease?

Nevertheless, Sarah had a bad day and I hope that Jason will share some of his ganja with her.