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Published:June 23rd, 2009 12:02 EST
Ton Of Pot Goes Up In Smoke

Ton Of Pot Goes Up In Smoke

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It was a scene that would have made Cheech and Chong, the comedians best remembered for their stoner movies, cry.

Nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $6 million went up in smoke in Hillsborough County, Florida Friday morning, destroyed in a TECO waste-to-energy incinerator at Falkenburg Road.

Burning a ton of pot "light 40,000 100-watt light bulbs for an hour," John Wilson, vice president of business development for Recycled Energy Development, a Westmont, Illinois-based waste-to-energy."

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According to a spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff`s Department, the weed was quickly consumed by the heat of the incinerator, and there was no chance of residents nearby getting high. Despite the reassurances of the spokesperson, I bet there were stoners camped around the building munching on Doritos, and waiting for the wind to blow the heavenly smoke in their direction.

Burning a ton of pot may light 40,000 100-watt light bulbs for an hour, but smoking a ton of pot barely provides enough energy for a stoner to click the remote control to an episode of the Brady Bunch.

Cheech and Chong aren`t the only ones crying,I am weeping about the waste of so much perfectly good product.

If that marijuana had been smoked (like God intended), instead of being burned it would have been an economic windfall to the community. Convenience stores would have made a killing selling Doritos and Cheetos.

Burning 2,000 pounds of weed? What insanity! This nation is going to pot!