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Published:June 25th, 2009 16:01 EST
Teen White Guy Released From Jail: Pretended To Be Adult Black Man

Teen White Guy Released From Jail: Pretended To Be Adult Black Man

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Myrtle Beach police are searching for an 18-year-old white man in jail on public intoxication charges who they say was accidentally released when he pretended to be a 34-year-old black man.

Richard Daniel Wines, 18, of Mount Holly, N.C., was sentenced to five days in jail Saturday morning after pleading guilty to a public intoxication charge.

But when jail officers were releasing other inmates later that morning, Wines claimed to be Jonathan Jermain Gardner of Myrtle Beach.

Officers released Gardner`s property to Wines. That included $2 in change, a silver necklace, a gold-colored wedding band, a pair of gold-studded earrings and Gardner`s S.C. identification card, the report states."

Wines (appropriated name) was in jail on public intoxication charges, but the jail officers who mistook the 18-year-old inmate for a 34-year-old black man must have also been hitting the bottle. The officers are supposed to verify the information on the booking card, they are either lazy, stupid or drunk while on duty. Even a drunk Stevie Wonder can tell the difference between an 18-year-old white kid and a 34-year-old black man.

Now that Wines has possession of the black convict`s silver necklace, gold-colored wedding band and gold-studded earrings, he might be able to pass for a seriously blinged-out brotha. But with only two bucks in change, he may have to pawn the wedding band.

Gardner was only in jail on public intoxication charges, there seems to be an epidemic of drunkenness in Myrtle Beach. Gardner who was arrested with only $2 in his pocket, might be pacified if jail officials give him $20 and a couple of bottles of Wild Turkey.

The moral of this story is quite clear: If you are arrested for being drunk in public you deserve to loss all of your bling.