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Published:July 1st, 2009 12:10 EST
Dude Sells Weed In Chicken McNuggets Box

Dude Sells Weed In Chicken McNuggets Box

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Connecticut police have arrested a teen, accusing him of selling marijuana and packing it in a Chicken McNugget box. Police said the teen and three alleged customers were nabbed after a police officer spotted some suspicious activity over the weekend. Police said the teen grew marijuana in his apartment and packaged the dope in McNugget boxes." The Associated Press
This teen has a bright future as an entrepreneur, packaging weed in McNugget boxes is a stroke of genius. There is nothing more all-American than McDonald`s and weed, and the two items go together like Oprah Winfrey and bon bons.

If you smoke weed you`re going to get the munchies; I hope the enterprising kid included a couple of McNuggets with the grass.

Instead of being sentenced to jail this young man should be given a scholarship to Yale Business School. I hope that by the time he graduates from college marijuana will be legal, and he will be able to employ his business smarts cultivating, packaging and selling joints.

If McDonald`s included a joint with every box of McNuggets, it might make their processed morsels edible.