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Published:August 10th, 2009 14:49 EST
Video: Very Scary Commerical Featuring Supermodel Adina Fohlin

Video: Very Scary Commerical Featuring Supermodel Adina Fohlin

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A commercial for Apoliva, an assortment of personal care products for Apotoket, featuring Swedish supermodel Adina Fohlin has made a major splash, although not quite the one that the Swedish pharmacy chain was hoping for. Rather than running out to purchase Apoliva products, viewers are running scared.

The 30-second ad spot, set to the haunting tones of a Swedish folk song, depicts a close-up of a rather sullen and emaciated Fohlin standing in the snow, rain and sun. The clip ends with the tagline, `Apoliva - for Swedish conditions`."

While doing research for some controversial stories I have visited some of the darkest corners of the Internet, but nothing could have prepared me for the Apoliva commercial.

Swedish supermodel Adina Fohlin makes Freddy Krueger look as harmless as a schoolgirl picking daisies. Adina is going to inhabit my nightmares for the rest of my life. And if I die and go to hell, she will be there tormenting me with her infernal song.

Entertainers are very picky, if the sound isn`t just right and everything on the stage isn`t exactly where it`s supposed to be, they have a fit. But Fohlin is oblivious to the changing seasons, she is determined to finish her hellish song. Adina is on a mission from Satan, and Mother Nature is no match for her.

With her long strands of hair menacingly swirling in the wind, she is a modern day Medusa. I may not be entangled in her lethal hair, but I can`t free my mind from her siren song.

"Almost 100,000 Swedes, many of whom viewed the clip on YouTube, have joined a Facegroup group called `I am scared of the girl in the Apoliva commercial`"

Make that 100,000 Swedes and one American. I am scared to death of the Swedish supermodel; I`d rather wrestle Oprah Winfrey over a box of bon bons than view that commercial again.

May the gods forgive me, but I have included a link to this devilish commercial. View at your own risk, and don`t blame me for the consequences. Please don`t watch this video if you have a pacemaker!

What have I unleashed on unsuspecting Americans?

Think twice before you click!