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Published:August 18th, 2009 17:07 EST
Every Time Dude Cheats He Buys Wife Diamonds

Every Time Dude Cheats He Buys Wife Diamonds

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Every time British businessman Robert Charlton cheated on his wife, he bought her some extravagant jewelry to try to make amends. After 26 years of marriage, long-suffering Elizabeth Charlton had more than 40 glittering pieces.

Charlton`s infidelity cost him nearly 300,000 pounds ($492,400) it emerged last month, when his daughter auctioned off the late couple`s jewelry collection." Reuters

If Bill Clinton expressed his apologies to Hillary the same way as the British businessman, she could have financed her presidential campaign by selling her diamonds.

I wonder if Charlton bought his spouse diamonds only when he was caught cheating, or every time he cheated on her. If the woman he had sex with was a real babe did he buy his wife an expensive diamond watch, but if she was only a 5 or a 6, did he buy her relatively cheap diamond earrings?

Evidently this guy was filthy rich, the stupid wife should have divorced him after his first sexcapade, and with the money from the divorce she could have bought her own damn diamonds.