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Published:August 21st, 2009 10:53 EST
Dude Steals Socks From Clothesline

Dude Steals Socks From Clothesline

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Palominas resident is out a dozen pairs of socks after someone snuck into his back yard early Monday and plucked the items from a clothesline.

The resident contacted the Cochise County Sheriff`s Office about the incident on Tuesday.

The resident told the sheriff`s office that at some point between late Sunday and early Monday, someone entered into his fenced-in back yard on South Axe Head Drive and took 12 pairs of white athletic socks that were hanging on a clothesline. A motion sensor light also was damaged."

This odd news story raises a few interesting questions.

First of all, why would anyone risk jail time by stealing a dozen pairs of socks? Most cities have rescue missions that give out free socks and underwear to the working poor and homeless.

In the second place, the resident has a lot of nerve calling the police for such a trivial matter. The homeowner should have been grateful that the thief only took his socks, and not bothered the police.

Thirdly, the cheap resident should buy a dryer, and not hang his clothes on a clothesline. Clothesline??? I haven`t seen a clothesline in ages.

Finally, this dude has an old-fashioned clothesline, and a newfangled motion detector? What`s up with that?