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Published:August 27th, 2009 13:56 EST
Model Strips At Museum: Performance Art Or Outrageous Behavior?

Model Strips At Museum: Performance Art Or Outrageous Behavior?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"What should have been thirty seconds, ten shots and a possible $9,500 paycheck turned into a scuffle with the law for photographer Zach Hyman and model KC Neill Thursday.

Hyman, known for his series featuring nude models in front of New York City landmarks, had the 26-year-old Neill quickly strip and pose in front of the Arms and Armour exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Police busted up the shoot and charged Neill with public lewdness."

It`s an outrage that a beautiful woman was arrested for posing nude in an art museum that features many paintings of nude women. Not to mention quite ironic...

KC Neill is a gorgeous creature, and I don`t think there was a single person present who objected to her performance art. How come an incident like this never happens when I go to a museum? With my luck the next time I visit a museum Rosie O`Donnell will have a meltdown and strip in front of a work of art.

What KC did was a piece of performance art, a goodwill gesture, and a kind gift to the museum visitors. Only a twisted soul would interprets KC`s selfless and loving act as a crime.

I hope KC poses nude in front of a New York City police station, that would be performance art, and act of political defiance.