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Published:August 28th, 2009 14:16 EST
Prisoners Get Stimulus Checks In Error

Prisoners Get Stimulus Checks In Error

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The US government sent checks by mistake to 1,700 inmates around the country as part of efforts to jump-start the crisis-hit American economy, officials said Thursday.

The prisoners `received the economic recovery payment because our records did not accurately reflect that they were in prison,` said Social Security Administration spokesman Dan Moraski.

The checks were for an average of about 250 dollars, meaning the mistake cost the government around 425,000 dollars." Reuters

Americans are up in arms because less than two thousand inmates received checks for about $250. But the outrage is misplaced and unwarranted, our fury must be aimed at the rascals, embezzlers, and thieves in the corporate world who have received billions in handouts from the federal government.

Some of those prisoners felt compelled to steal a few hundred dollars to feed their families, the Wall St. players stole millions because they weren`t satisfied with the millions they already had.

The correctional institutions have returned most of the checks to the federal government. We shouldn`t be distracted by this non-story. We must demand that the government stop giving billions to white-collar criminals.