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Published:September 10th, 2009 13:38 EST
Last Word to a Tough Guy

Last Word to a Tough Guy

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Last Word to a Tough Guy




Sweeny:  Hello.


Deloris Gibbs:  Sweeny?


Sweeny:  Yes.


Deloris Gibbs:  My name is Deloris Gibbs, and I have Wendy Washer on the line.


Wendy:  Hello, Sweeny.  How are you, dear?


Sweeny:  What`s going on?


Wendy:  Well, Sweeny, Bob tells me that many of my things are still stored in your garage.  I wonder if it would be OK with you if I made arrangements to have someone come by and get them.


Sweeny:  That`s between you and Bob.  Besides, it`s just an old trunk with some books and papers and some old clothes, I think.  I don`t want to get involved. 


Wendy:  Well, Sweeny, it wouldn`t be me-- I`d send others, if it would be OK with you.


Sweeny:  No, I don`t want to get involved.


Wendy:  I see.  Well, Sweeny, there`s something I`d like to discuss with you, if you have a minute.


Sweeny:  I`m listening.


Wendy:  Well, I`d like to talk to you about the little house on Harlot Avenue.


Sweeny:  What about it?


Wendy:  Well, I want my half.


Sweeny:  What do you mean, your half "?  I said I`d give you and Bob that house free and clear-- to live in.  But, it wasn`t good enough for you.  I`ve put $60-70,000 in that house since then.  It`s not the same house it was then.


Wendy:  Sweeny, you promised that if I would sell my little house, you would give me and Bob your little house, as you say, free and clear. "  It`s been 30 years-- I hope you`ll keep the promise you made to us.


Sweeny:  You`re not getting a dime out of me, you b*tch!  I`ll spend every nickel I have just to f*ck you over, do you understand me?  You had a good man, but you f*cked it up.  I have signed affidavits of all the men you were f*cking on campus.  They came into the restaurant talking about you.  They didn`t know I was your father-in-law.  You were nothing but a JOKE at that school-- f*cking all of your professors for money or good grades or whatever.


Wendy:  I`m sorry you feel the need to say this to me, Sweeny.


Sweeny:  If you mess with me or my family, I`ll f*ck you over like you`ve never been f*cked over before; do you understand me, Wendy?  Bob is a happily married man now.


Wendy:  Yes, he tells me this.


Sweeny:  And they have a daughter.


Wendy:  Yes, she`s lovely.  Bob sent me pictures of her.  He seems very happy.


Sweeny:  You`re a lying b*tch.  Bob sent no such thing.  He hasn`t even talked to you for more than 20 years.  You`re a lying, f*cking whore.


Wendy:  Ask Bob.  Anyway, Sweeny, take some time.  Think about it.  I know you`re angry right now; but, no matter how mad you get, don`t tell Bob about us.






Recording:  If you`d like to place a call, please hang up and try again.  If you`d like to place a call, please hang up and try again.  If you`d like to place a call . . .