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Published:September 27th, 2009 15:25 EST
Brits Obsessed Wtih UFO's

Brits Obsessed Wtih UFO's

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Jane and Nigel Brickett of Raven Close, were at home when they noticed a series of bright, orb-shaped lights hey thought could be UFOs.

`We saw 14 on September 6,` said Mrs. Brickett, 65 who lives with husband Nigel, 51.

`It was fantastic and certainly better than watching the X-Factor.`

`My husband photographed them and I looked through binoculars and they looked as if they could actually be quite flat, like a sausage shape.`" Read More

Anything is better than viewing the X-Factor, even watching innocuous objects like weather balloons or Chinese lanterns and fantasizing that they`re UFOs.

Mrs. Brickett described the objects as "sausage shape", I have a feeling that she thinks most objects are phallic shaped. Let`s keep in mind that this is a 65-year-old woman who is married to a 51-year old man.

Brickett claims that her husband snapped dozens of pictures of the UFOs, but it`s interesting that there were no photographs accompanying the NewMarketJournal article.

I hope Brickett`s husband gives her more love and affection, so she won`t feel a need to call the media to report a UFO sighting.