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Published:October 6th, 2009 20:09 EST
Aussie Racing Fans Limited To 24 Cans Of Beer Per Day

Aussie Racing Fans Limited To 24 Cans Of Beer Per Day

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Adult fans at one of Australia`s most popular motor sport races, the Bathurst 1000, will be limited to one "slab" of beer a day -- or 24 375 ml cans -- as police focus on reducing alcohol-related crime.

The 24-can rule would also be placed on mixed drinks for the V8 car race starting Thursday which draws thousands to the rural town of Bathurst in eastern New South Wales state, the NSW police said Tuesday.

But more restrained spectators would be able to slake their thirst, if not their craving for alcohol, with up to 36 cans of low or mid-strength beer."

Crocodile Dundee isn`t an aberration, all the men down under are macho men. Aussie boys who display metrosexual tendencies are kidnapped by Dingos -- never to be seen again.

If a dude orders a light beer at an Aussie bar, he will be lucky if he escaped with his manhood intact. Australia is a wimp-free zone.

A slab of beer would last me all summer long, but that`s barely enough to last an Aussie one afternoon at the races. It`s cruel and unusual punishment to limit an Australian to 24 cans of beer when he goes to the races.

I wince at the wimpification of America, I hope Australia remains a land of freedom where a man is allowed to drink as many bloody cans of beer as he afford.