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Published:October 9th, 2009 16:21 EST
Gaza Zoo: Donkey Painted With Stripes To Look Like Zebra

Gaza Zoo: Donkey Painted With Stripes To Look Like Zebra

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Two white donkeys dyed with black stripes delighted Palestinian kids at a small Gaza zoo on Thursday who had never seen a zebra in the flesh.

With their long ears, drooping heads and sleepy eyes, the impostors probably would not have fooled the zoo`s only lioness.

But the effect achieved by the zoo owners` dye job looks not so bad - to the unpracticed eye, and from a distance.
On closer inspection it resembles the classic striped convict suit of cartoon strips." Reuters

Only a jackass would paint stripes on a donkey to make it look like a zebra. The donkey resembles a zebra as much as Lady Gaga resembles a woman.

I`m surprised that the Israel-blocked Gaza even has a zoo. With the Palestinian propensity for terrorism against Israel that always elicits a strong Israeli response, the Gaza strip is unfit for human or animal habitation. It is animal cruelty to have a zoo in a war-ravaged area.