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Published:November 7th, 2009 19:56 EST
Cops: Graffiti Artist Left Work Incomplete

Cops: Graffiti Artist Left Work Incomplete

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It`s not an unfinished Picasso painting by any stretch, but Palm Bay police said a graffiti artist left behind a costly, incomplete work with a special note for potential critics. "Ran out of purple."

The piece, spray-painted in bright purple against a white concrete wall at West Oaks Park, reads `Solo.`

But the artist, apparently frustrated that he came up short on paint supplies, scrawled an almost apologetic side-note that read, `ran out of purple,` Palm Bay police Officer Dan Fisher noted." Read More

Is it art or is it vandalism? The property owner will probably consider it a crime, but most passerby`s will deem it art.

This graffiti artist certainly considers himself an artist, he takes the time to give a title to his work, and he leaves behind an explanation for the unfinished nature of his painting.

Let`s hope he returns to finish his masterpiece, and hopefully he won`t be nabbed by the cops.

OK, maybe it`s not a masterpiece, but it`s not a felony either. Some murals painted by graffiti artists are truly works of art, and brighten up a gloomy urban landscape.

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