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Published:December 13th, 2009 12:56 EST
Toy Mouse Made In China Sings: Pedophile, Pedophile!

Toy Mouse Made In China Sings: Pedophile, Pedophile!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A TOY mouse supposed to sing `Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells` has been recalled amid claims it warbles `paedophile, paedophile`.

The 4ins festive novelty, with Santa hat and a cheesy grin, has left parents stunned.

The £2.99 Chinese-made novelty is sold in smaller shops and on market stalls. Distributors Humatt, of Ferndown, Dorset, said the man providing the voice could not pronounce certain sounds. His singing was then speeded up to make it higher-pitched - distorting the result further." Read more

Not only does this cheesy mouse sing praises to the joys of being a pedophile, but it`s probably stuffed with lead and arsenic.

Just another reason not to buy any products from the evil empire of China. That means staying away from the world`s most evil corporation: Walmart.

It`s weird, if you concentrate on the words "jingle bells", it will sound as if the horrible little mouse is singing "jingle bells", but if you focus on the word "pedophile" it sounds as if the mutant creature is indeed saying that horrible word.

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