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Published:December 29th, 2009 20:32 EST

Pot-Stuffed Teddy Bear Found At Toy Store

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Someone in Colorado may be missing a Mile High Christmas present.

The Tuesday before Christmas, a toy shop owner in Southern California received a 2-foot-tall teddy bear stuffed with marijuana in a box addressed to a man in Colorado.

`It was a big blue bear that had three big bags of pot stuffed inside it,` said Eli Pavoni, a friend who was helping the owner of Toy Town with the Christmas rush."

Nothing says "I love you" quite like sending a cute and fluffy teddy bear to a child, or even to a lover. But if somebody really loves you they would send you a Teddy Bear stuffed with weed.

A teddy bear may be cute and loveable, but if it`s stuffed with the magical herb I would tear that sucker open before you could say, "I have the munchies."

If I received a stuffed animal containing weed by mistake, I would thank the gods, and have myself a merry little Christmas.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the cops who confiscated the bear and the weed, listened to Cypress Hill and loaded up on Doritos and Cheetos that night.

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