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Published:January 10th, 2010 09:52 EST
Would You Pay People To Be Your Facebook Friends?

Would You Pay People To Be Your Facebook Friends?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"LONELY Brits are so desperate to look popular online they are "buying" friends for social networking sites.

They pay £125 for bulk packages of 1,000 "pals" on Facebook and Twitter.

Net company Usocial, which sells the "virtual pals" packages, reports that business boomed over Christmas and the New Year with thousands signing up." Read more

I work a day job to pay the bills, and I spend four to five hours every day writing essays. I don`t have time for any real friends, let alone any virtual ones.

In fact I don`t want any Facebook friends, I don`t need to be interrupted with an inane Instant Message while I`m writing an article.

I have about 90 Twitter followers, but only a handful are friends, the rest are strangers who became my followers because I post links to my editorials.

I wouldn`t pay a dime to buy a bulk package of 1,000 pals -some people really need to get a life. I only have about 25 Facebook friends, and I could care less if that`s not very impressive to some folks.

If somebody is desperate to make friends, they should visit a rest home and befriend the residents. One lonely senior citizen who becomes your friend is worth a 1,000 Facebook "friends."

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